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Our partnership with a nationally recognized training provider can provide pre-vocational training to jobseekers, providing a positive learning experience for all trainees through available programs and achieving outcomes relevant to each individual. There are a large number of accredited courses available across various industries.

Whether you are a business looking to develop the skills of your employees or an individual looking to "up skill" or change career paths, we are sure to have a course to suit you.

Available courses.
Certificate II in Business BSB20107
Certificate II in Customer Contact BSB20211
Certificate III in Business BSB30110
Certificate III in Customer Contact BSB30211
Certificate III in Business Administration BSB30407
Certificate IV in Business BSB40207
Certificate IV in Customer Contact BSB40311
Certificate IV in Small Business Management BSB40407
Certificate IV in Business Administration BSB40507
Certificate IV in Business Sales BSB40610
Certificate IV in Frontline Management BSB40807
Diploma of Business BSB50207
Diploma of Management BSB51107
Certificate III in Aged Care CHC30208
Certificate III in Home and Community Care CHC30308
Certificate III in Disability CHC30408
Certificate III in Employment Services CHC30908
Certificate IV in Aged Care CHC40108
Certificate IV in Home and Community Care CHC40208
Certificate IV in Disability CHC40308
Certificate IV in Employment Services CHC42008
Certificate II in Food Processing FDF20110
Certificate III in Food Processing FDF30110
Certificate II in Health Support Services HLT21207
Certificate III in Health Support Services HLT32807
Certificate II in Process Manufacturing MSA20107
Certificate III in Process Manufacturing MSA30107
Certificate IV in Competitive Manufacturing MSA41108
Certificate II in Meat Processing (Abattoirs) MTM20107
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Boning Room) MTM30107
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Food Services) MTM30207
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Meat Safety) MTM30307
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Slaughtering) MTM30507
Certificate III in Meat Processing (General) MTM30607
Certificate III in Meat Processing (Smallgoods - General) MTM30907
Certificate II in Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations) PRM20104
Certificate III in Asset Maintenance (Cleaning Operations) PRM30104
Certificate II in Retail SIR20207
Certificate II in Wholesale SIR20307
Certificate III in Retail SIR30207
Certificate III in Wholesale SIR30307
Certificate II in Hospitality SIT20207
Certificate II in Hospitality (Kitchen Operations) SIT20307
Certificate III in Hospitality SIT30707
Certificate IV in Training and Assessment TAE40110
Certificate III in Driving Operations TLI31210
Certificate III in Logistics TLI32410

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